Far x Wide is pleased to present Air Condition, Alternating Currents,  featuring works by Erik Foss, Sarah Morejohn, Jean Nagai, Rachel Ostrow, and Natalia Zubko. Air Condition, Alternating Currents refers to the often invisible forces that interact to shape an atmosphere, such as qi, quantum fields,  gravitational forces, vibes, and changes in barometric pressure. The artists in this selection have each developed a particular shorthand for describing complex spaces within their work. 

In Erik Foss’ Nuclear Family, expressive marks are repeated in loose patterns, occasionally overlapping to form dense fields that approach and recede from the viewer. Sarah Morejohn uses dots and dashes to intuitively draw shapes informed by micro and macro elements within the universe. Jean Nagai’s synergistic works are made from many tiny dots accumulating. Through this meditative process, Nagai creates and explores a spiritual space that shifts between the physical, digital, and political. Rachel Ostrow’s prints and paintings use a direct sweeping gesture that may be staggered, halted, and reversed to create a dazzling record of movement in space. Natalia Zubko’s drawings have a synergistic relationship to her sculpture practice, where she often uses light as material. In 2-d and 3-d works, Zubko places the viewer in a territory between energy absorbtion and refraction.

Air Condition, Alternating Currents is organized by Jessica Cannon, and marks the ninth presentation from Far x Wide, an ongoing project featuring selections of artworks to benefit social and environmental justice organizations. Works will be available on from 7/8/19 – 8/20/19 and any sales from this grouping will be split 50% to the artist and 50% to FilmAid, an innovative non-profit providing year-long filmmaking and journalism courses alongside wider support for the arts in Kakuma and Dadaab Refugee Camps in Kenya.

From FilmAid’s website: ““Using film, radio and journalism created by refugees themselves, FilmAid engages communities with dignity and respect, providing actionable information about their rights, safety, health and well-being. In addition to public information campaigns, FilmAid trains over 80 young people every year through it’s 12 month media training courses in all aspects of storytelling and communications, empowering the next generation to advocate for its own rights and community needs with the skills and confidence they need to advocate for themselves and their communities.” –

For additional information on FilmAid, including films created through their programs, or to make a direct donation please visit For any inquries about the artworks featured in Air Condition, Alternating Currents, please contact