Far x Wide is pleased to present BLUE BANANAS, featuring works by Liz Ainslie, Susan Carr, Ryan Thayer Davis, Georgia Elrod, Kimia Ferdowsi Kline, and Zach Seeger. The title for this project was inspired by a science experiment where bananas placed on a table in the afternoon sun appeared yellow but emitted more blue light than any other frequency*. The artists in this selection use color in ways that acknowledge the possibility that yellow can secretly be blue. 

Liz Ainslie’s paintings echo the ephemeral nature of perception – changing light is overlaid with automatic loops and references to landscapes from observation and memory. These things combine to form a suspended abstract space that alternates between making and disrupting connections. Susan Carr’s black and white enamel paintings use direct lines and marks to communicate in a personal and collective language. The built up white surface and the black lines create a high contrast expansiveness that feels humble at the same time.
Ryan Thayer Davis’ paintings seem like they’re unfolding into extra dimensions. Interior and exterior worlds hover while middle spaces do the pushing and pulling. This flux gives Davis’ work a multiplicity of destinations anchored by the ritual of painting. Georgia Elrod’s works on paper explore physical forms changing from within. Bodies are at rest while their insides reveal transitions are underway; land lays out like a body while tectonic plates slide and shift underneath.

In Kimia Ferdowsi Kline’s Sun Kiss, colors softly spread between two figures in an embrace. They are painted in a direct expression that reflects a shared intimacy while the intensity of each color points to personal autonomy vibrating within. Zach Seeger’s works on paper depict domestic scenes and the outside world dissolving into each other. The paintings move the viewer’s eye through impossible spaces that are informed by consumer products, suburbia, and digital content streams. Within the pleasure of Seeger’s highly saturated palette and the recognition of familiar forms lies a heightened pressure between public and private domains.

BLUE BANANAS is organized by Jessica Cannon, and marks the eighth presentation from Far x Wide, an ongoing project featuring monthly selections of artworks to benefit social and environmental justice organizations. Works will be available on from 4/1/19 – 5/15/19 and any sales from this grouping will be split 50% to the artist and 50% to, which uses online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions to work for climate justice.

*M. Chirimuuta’s Outside Color: Perceptual Sicence and the Puzzle of Color in Philosophy,  p.45-6