Far x Wide is pleased to present FENCE AND ECHO, featuring works by Jeffrey Dell, Alex Diamond, Takuji Hamanaka, Jenny Kemp, Calli Moore, and Alex Paik. The artists in this selection share an affinity for underlying structures within their work, while simultaneously allowing for departures from those systems. Each artist’s intuitive presence is enacted through a range of responses that may highlight the logical structure, introduce a sense of play or open-endedness, or directly defy the rule-based system.

Jeffrey Dell’s Star King is a soft portal made from carefully positioned layers of pastel gradients. The color field that spreads from the background implies a deeply shared desire for a place on the other side. Alex Diamond begins with shapes or contours and retraces them in thin washes of ink, slowly stepping lighter or darker until an unplanned space emerges. Defined by their dark corners and illuminated voids (or vice-versa), Diamond’s works are constructed through a steady, meditative process that enables a poetic and emotive reflection on consciousness. Takuji Hamanaka collages printed shapes into patterns of light and shadow. Drawing on an extensive background in woodblock printing, Hamanaka begins with a systematic approach to create printed shapes. He then relies on intuition to arrange the shapes into abstract patterns that resemble biomorphic stained glass.

Jenny Kemp’s paintings depict spaces that gracefully shift between bodily and celestial scales. Formal relationships are established through soft shapes and rhythmic contours, while variations in these elements seem to slow the passage of time. Calli Moore’s irridescent work on panel feels like a woven geode. Through layers of material and breaks in the surface, Moore occupies a territory between sculpture and painting, nature and artifice. Alex Paik’s drawings allow for a flexible interplay between layers of geometric abstraction. Informed by early training as a classical musician, Paik composes shapes, marks, and colors into works on vellum that echo and breathe.

FENCE AND ECHO is organized by Jessica Cannon, and marks the seventh presentation from Far x Wide, an ongoing project featuring monthly selections of artworks to benefit social and environmental justice organizations. Works will be available on farbywide.com from 7/2/18 – 8/12/18 and any sales from this grouping will be split 50% to the artist and 50% to the Texas Civil Rights Project, which is currently working to reunite children and parents separated by a cruel and illegal border policy.