Far By Wide is pleased to present THRESHOLD, featuring works by Aleya Hoerlein, Celeste Cooning, Dan Perkins, Elizabeth Insogna, Fei Li, Jennifer Caviola, Jen Hitchings, Malik John-Marc Purvis, Mark Joshua Epstein, Saskia Fleishman, and Su A Chae. THRESHOLD is a collection of artworks that act as structures or gateways between multiple spaces. The project coincides with a moment in Summer 2021 when there is a feeling of collective watching, waiting, and contemplating what’s next.

Su A Chae’s paintings combine digital aesthetics such as gradients and grids with elements of the natural world and narrative experience. Chae’s rich visual language builds spaces that appear constantly shifting and floating in the air. Mark Joshua Epstein and Celeste Cooning’s hand-cut paper structures act like screens that alternate between positive vs. negative spaces, and the frame vs. the framed. Elizabeth Insogna’s ceramic work invites a similar dance using skeletal shapes that are protective and fragile. The title of the work, Key: Tools for Angels implies the existence of other dimensions waiting to be unlocked.

The gradients in Aleya Hoerlein and Dan Perkins’ works illuminate divine forms created through the osmosis of figure and landscape. In sunset hues, Saskia Fleishman and Jennifer Caviola depict points of transition. For Saskia Fleishman, this occurs through a geometric layering of landscapes sourced from photographs and painted in acrylic and textured sand. Jennifer Caviola’s paintings vibrate on parallel macro and micro frequencies with sublime light shining on vast lands, invisible biological processes, or both.

Malik John-Marc Purvis’s paintings engage with subjects that are in flux- cracked eggs hint at a bird’s arrival, entangled grass, a thicket of branches with leaves lit up by the afternoon sun, or by autumnal pigment just before they drop to the ground. Fei Li’s mixed media works include fragments of illustrated bodies melting into or emerging from energetic sweeps of color. Jen Hitchings’ celestial bodies and otherworldly greens define a landscape that invites viewers to meditate on metaphysical longing.
THRESHOLD is organized by Jessica Cannon, and marks the fifteenth presentation from Far By Wide, an ongoing project featuring selections of artworks to benefit social and environmental justice organizations. Works will be available on from 8/24/21 – 9/21/21 and any sales from this grouping will be split 50% to the artist and 50% to the organization of the artist’s choice.