Far x Wide is pleased to present UNDER THE PAVING STONES, a pop-up exhibition curated by Jessica Cannon that will run during Monti Open Studios on Sat 11/4 and online at farbywide.com. The exhibition title comes from a translated excerpt of French graffiti that read: “Under The Paving Stones, the beach!”, which also appeared as the epigraph of Thomas Pyncheon’s Inherent Vice. The artists in Under The Paving Stones, share an interest in excavation and revelation.

Nickola Pottinger works with paper to construct forms that emerge from multiple layers of mark making and material shaping. Rachel Klinghoffer’s mixed media pieces are intimate tapestries that mine past works, souvenirs, lingerie, Judaica, and personal mementos to make, remake, and obliterate meaning. Lisa Hamilton explores ways that abstract images are built and received. John Phillip Abbott’s Cosmos paintings use text as a departure point to create poetic meditations on painting, abstraction, and language. Kaveri Nair’s hypersaturated color sprays are confined by and spilling out from fence-like marks applied directly. Thomas Spoerndle’s cut out collages interweave shapes and values to create a simultaneous experience of volume and flatness. Levi Haske’s oil pastels shift between obstruction and revelation in layers of applied color, adhered pastel shavings, and drawings carved into the surface. In Erik Van Uden’s modestly scaled paintings, gaps in thick swipes of moulding paste reveal metallic striations that radiate an almost toxic light. Aaron Wexler’s work allows for simultaneous perception of parallel worlds through a subject that overlaps itself at multiple points in time. Set in a sculpted ceramic frame, Emily Weiner’s Night depicts hands that are both framing and made from the night sky, while the imprint of the hand, and it’s revelatory potential is deeply felt in the making. Sharona Eliassaf places sublime icons in interior spaces that are defined by soft architectural frames and graphic wave fields. Matthew F. Fisher’s delicate ink drawing feels like a dispatch from the other side, a dream of the beach that lives in the mind but is always gracefully shifting.
Under The Paving Stones, is the first in a series of monthly selections presented by Far x Wide to benefit social and environmental justice organizations. Any sale of artwork from this show will be split 50% to the artist and 50% to benefit Direct Relief for Puerto Rico. Special thanks to Aaron Wexler + Lisa Hamilton for contributing space for our first exhibition. For info and upcoming projects, please visit: www.farbywide.com or ig: @f_a_r__x__w_i_d_e.