Featuring works by: Angela Alba, Dara Alter, Olivia Baldwin, Claire Burkett, Emily Burns, Jordan Buschur, Dwight Cassin, Jaqueline Cedar, Michael Chattem, Kelly Clare, Kara Cox, Brantner DeAtley, Jacqueline Diesing, Brooke Frank, Noa Ginzburg, Levi Haske, Jodi Hayes, Sarah Heinemann, Georgia Hourdas, Raymie Iadevaia, Brooklyn Johnson, Symantha Jones, Yasemin Kackar-Demirel, Joseph Karlovec, Debbi Kenote, Kelsey Kinnett, Nina Kintsurasvili, Sarah Klawiter, Niki Kriese, Alison Kudlow, Melanie Lan, Melissa Loney, Tahnee Lonsdale, Jon Lutz , Laura Madera, Shayna Miller, Patricia Monclus, Rebecca Potts, Róisín O'Sullivan, Emily Pettigrew, Li Ramet, Anya Rosen, Sophia Sobers, Thomas Spoerndle, Elissa Swanger, Qin Tan, Natalie Wadlington, and Erin Wright to benefit The Campaign Against Hunger.


Dear Friends,

I hope this reaches you safe & well. Willing The Season is Far By Wide’s thirteenth project, organized in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

For this project Far By Wide is again proud to support The Campaign Against Hunger, and is moved by the work they continue to do on behalf of food justice. As New York City adopted social distancing measures, TCAH continued to serve clients by offering online access to their food pantry, delivery services, and other assistance in navigating this crisis.

Far By Wide usually presents exhibitions with 50% of sales going to a social or environmental justice organization, and 50% going to artists. During this uncertain time I felt it was important for Far By Wide to be flexible so that we can contribute to The Campaign Against Hunger while also responding to challenges that artists are facing with studio closures and layoffs.

For the first time, Far By Wide offered participating artists the chance to choose their commission. Many opted to give 100% of any sales to The Campaign Against Hunger, many more went with the 50-50 split, and some requested the full amount to offset unforseen expenses and lost income.

It’s always been my hope that Far By Wide can continue to support artists and that art work can nurture positive change outside the studio. To view available works please visit: http://www.farbywide.com. To learn more about The Campaign Against Hunger, or to make a direct donation, please visit: https://www.tcahnyc.org/.

Thank you for being part of this,
Jessica Cannon
Founder, Far By Wide